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The demise of [MIA]


Sadly, I have to report that [MIA] as a clan, no longer exists. Demon felt it was taking up too much of his time and energy and chose to close it rather than hand it on.

I don't agree with his choice and he knows this. I personally believe you can't involve so many people and still think you are running a solo show. I would have preferred he hand it on and retire.

But so be it, he made the choice.

I have copies of most of the webpage and stat files and if archived material is needed, feel free to contact me and make your request.

I have chosen to leave some of the [MIA] info that I had written on this website, for although the clan is disbanded, the people and the times meant and still mean a lot to me. I don't think those times can be forgotten as easily as Demon feels they can.

#mia, the austnet.org IRC channel is still operative and currently the IRC pages are still being maintained by crudman and hosted by Demon, if you find these links down, please notify me.

I have left titles in but closed links to pages that no longer exist.

[MIA] lives on without Demon.