My Travels

On the 28th January 2002, I packed up and boarded a flight for Melbourne.

This was a big thing for me, I was travelling by myself, with only a backpack, laptop and mobile phone, to meet all the people I chat to online. A discovery tour you could say.

I met some wonderful people and had a ball everywhere I went. I found out a few things about myself too, not the least being my ability to find pubs and Internet cafe's.

The easiest way to share this journey with you is through the use of the posts I made in Ausforum during my travels. These I shall paste here.

(some posts have been edited or deleted from the original to make reading quicker and easier)

(For those that don't wish to wade through the words here, click this link to skip to the end)



Wrasse travels...
A fish, a backpack, an antique laptop and a bundle of nerves !! Coming soon to a town near you.....

Well, this is it.


The promised travels have finally arrived.

All going well, I leave on Monday 28th Jan and I plan to be on the east coast for a month, give or take.

Travel plans include backpacking through Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. Maybe and maybe not Cairns, that is yet to be determined.

I plan to stay in Backpacker / Youth Hostels (I am trying my darndest to avoid the rellies) and I welcome suggestions from anyone as to what to see, where to stay. It has been years since I was on the east coast and I am sure it has changed heaps.

Drop your suggestions in the thread here and remember, I am on a budget!

I am not shy, so if anyone wants to meet up and have coffee, drop me an email via the link below.

22nd January 2002 03:36 AM


hmmm damn, I think i'll be missing you in melbourne

btw though, when you're in melbourne, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the "Queensbury Hills Youth Hostel"
I stayed there for a few nights
Excellent place to stay
Its cheap, good, very comfy beds, decent showers, everything.

They have more information here

also, the home of that site ( is the best youth hostel organisation in australia...

22nd January 2002 06:52 AM


yep yep, make sure when u come to Canberra, u buy subway from the City Walk store in civic an say hello to me
far as I know, theres 2 youth hostels here, one in the city down near the casino, and another, larger, one in oconner, which has is not quite surrounded by bush, but close enough, its a really nice area. prices i cant help you with sorry

22nd January 2002 07:44 AM


Hey Wrasse, since you are going for a month.. can we come over and use your adsl connection?

Visit Glenrowan, Ned Kelly.

22nd January 2002 10:08 AM


RIGHT..... there's plenty of youth hostels in Melbourne, muchos many actually is good too

AND, there's a very nice one in Central Sydney, right near Central Station, friends have been there before, and they raved about it. Said it was more like staying in a hotel rather than a Youth Hostel (at Youth Hostel prices )

22nd January 2002 11:26 AM


Originally posted by tayser
AND, there's a very nice one in Central Sydney, right near Central Station, friends have been there before, and they raved about it. Said it was more like staying in a hotel rather than a Youth Hostel (at Youth Hostel prices )

biggest one in the southern hemispere, close to the largest in the world, apparently. it's also incredibly useful to _everything_, esp. public transport.

you'll have just missed the Sydney Festival, unfortunately, with lots of free outdoors activities, but there are still plenty of things to do.

We more or less rely on to find out what's happening and if anything decent looks like coming up whilst you're in town I'll let you know.

Also you and Mistress Bec and I still have drinkies promised from a threat WAAAAAY back when and we have to deliver on that.

If I have my car and am able to drive I can offer to chauffeur you around to places, like decent brunches and beaches and stuff. We may even have floorspace should it be required (with a cable connection ).

Shall email you when I think of more things


22nd January 2002 12:44 PM


Wrasse, I will check out what's available in Brisbane and get back to you. There's a fairly good looking spot in the centre of town called (ironically) "The Backpackers". When will you be in this neck of the woods?

22nd January 2002 12:58 PM


We have a spare bed and cable too so you can come over and get Ch00k off the computer whenever you feel like it (though do so at your own risk )

Umm... when's Moomba? apparently that's an unmissable event if you're in Melbourne - though I've never been myself

22nd January 2002 03:18 PM


you gotta visit Sydney's Northern beaches!! None of this Bondi shit - go to the REAL beaches!! And not just Manly - Manly's good, but you gotta visit at least one other not so touristy one - they're well worth the effort!

22nd January 2002 04:57 PM


I hear there is a good place in Upper Beaconsfield where you can stay cheaply...

Watch out for the horse traffic though.

22nd January 2002 06:05 PM


When you come to Melbourne, you could try Sorrento and Inverloch, they are both really nice beachy places.

23rd January 2002 12:01 AM


OK, I have the Melbourne flight details now.

I arrive via Virgin Blue, late Monday night, so I need the name of a hotel/motel real close to the airport to lay my head when I arrive.

Would a Melbournite be a dear and source that for me so I can book it early.


23rd January 2002 03:36 AM



click on Interactive Map, then on "Where can I find" on the left. You can see there is a Centra and a Hilton right at the airport. I am sure there is something cheaper somewhere, but dont know enough about it.

btw, since when do you need sleep?

23rd January 2002 05:51 AM

sOuL kNiGhT

Good to hear your traveling around East Australia Wrasse

I remember back in December, I went for a drive to Sydney. OMG it was painful. I never guessed 1000kms could be so draining, oh well. I went during the night so it was actually pretty good, but on the way back i went during the day and I swear I was about to pass out. neway enough about me.

Sadly, I have no ideas on what you can do. Oh and the moomba thing usually starts in March. You've always got the usual Melb. attractions like Victoria Market, Royal Botanical Gardens, the Alexandra Gardens where capt. cook hut was ummm crown even, its not that bad. even the rialto is worth a look too.

imax in carlton wouldn't be too bad either and the moonlight cinema is on at the moment so u could try that too.

might i recommend though, if you pass by Brunswick st., Fitzroy (in the city pretty much) u visit a place called Souvlaki King (i know i spelt it wrong ) best damn souvlakis in Melb. oh and now that i remember, if you're going anywhere in Melb. go to Acland st., St. Kilda. Down there you'll get some of the best tasting cakes in the world. there's so much variety and its moderately priced too. My favourite cake shop is the one opposite this burger joint which seems like it never closes even though the guy behind the counter never changes... oh and burgers there are good too

one last thing too, if u past vic market, be sure to try out the french bakery opposite McDonalds. sorry wrasse, i only know the food of Melb.

23rd January 2002 06:53 AM


Stay here in footscray.

I can show you around footscray.

What fun.

There is a park. and we can look at all the junkies, and the drunks.

23rd January 2002 11:00 AM


yeah, you gota go to North Curl Curl beach, nicest crystal water around....some days deewhy is all sea weed, but at the same time north curly is sweet.

24th January 2002 01:05 PM


haa that's an interesting comment.
Some days Nth curly is as sweet as sweet can be, but if Curly Lagoon is open, then run for the hills - it's disgusting!!!

24th January 2002 01:36 PM


Originally posted by Greystorm
I hear there is a good place in Upper Beaconsfield where you can stay cheaply...

Watch out for the horse traffic though.

Yes and there are two in Emerald also (Dandenongs)- Not sure about broadband though (definately no cable) - but you have to put up with Puffing Billy (small guage steam train) running about 3 time a day... Contineous (almost) whistle blowing.

Have a nice trip.

24th January 2002 02:53 PM


Gawd sooooooo jealous!

I don't suppose sunny England would be on your travel itinerary eh?

I wish I was either coming with you.... or that I had zero debts so I could up and off myself! I have already kind of half planned that this year I am scrimping and saving to try and wipe out my debts (although they total about $15,000+ ). Then next year I am saving enough to get me going, and then wam bam thank you mam I am off to the train station and heading wherever it may take me... Who knows, might even make it over to Aus again, if my budget can stretch that much!

I wish you the best of luck, have fun, and don't you dare ever lose touch completely! Or I will have to track you down... follow the fishy smell eh?

25th January 2002 06:15 AM


I'll be in the Warringah Mall carpark in Manly. In one of the booths. Well until uni starts anyway. Hunt me down there if you want to beat me over the head for something or other

26th January 2002 04:19 PM


I should reach Sydney about the 20th.
When does Uni start?

27th January 2002 12:18 AM


Wrasse, uni starts on about 3 March, but I have Orientation week the week before that. So you'd be cutting it fine

28th January 2002 12:27 PM


OK, I am packed, (have way too much gear) am extremely nervous, intend to *hug* everyone I meet and will post when I can.

#mia have my mobile if anyone wants/needs it. You will have to get past the IRCNazi with a reason.

Wrasse has left Perth.

28th January 2002 03:01 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse
#mia have my mobile if anyone wants/needs it. You will have to get past the IRCNazi with a reason.

/me stamps my foot.

28th January 2002 04:19 PM


Well, internet kiosk puters suck!!

I am at Melbourne airport now, waiting on the shuttle bus to take me into the city.

The spacebar on this thing doesn't work properly, there is no IRC and my money has been chewed up twice.

A mad Melbournian is attempting to run me over with a drive on machine thingy that he is pretending to clean the floors with and it is dark outside...

SO..No tayser, I cannot see Melbourne yet!

Rise oh sun and show me taysers beloved city!

28th January 2002 10:10 PM


I am in my second internet cafe. This one rocks. It has ICQ, IRC and IE6.

I thoroughly recommend it if you visit Melb. It is called Dotcom Internet Cafe and is at 349 Elizabeth Street. (Wonder if I will get a discount on my puter use now?)

29th January 2002 09:22 AM


yes... Melbourne is known for its internet cafes

Get off the PC!!!!

(shouldnt you be catching a train soon anyway)

29th January 2002 09:46 AM


What are you doing on here? Asking for directions? Shouldn't you be on a train or something? When are you getting here? What's for lunch? Where are you going? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

29th January 2002 09:57 AM


I just met the fish, tayser, sirfunk and the two ch00ks.

29th January 2002 01:45 PM


haha only in Ausforum would you be able to say that exact sentence and have people understand what you mean

29th January 2002 05:33 PM


Originally posted by DWZ
I just meet the fish, tayser, sirfunk and the two ch00ks

and we met a "DWZ"... whatever that is...

actually we met DWZ's Mum too and I met taysers mum and his dog...


pity crudman wasnt home.

Tays, Wrasse, DWZ, Sirfunk, you all need to post/PM with who you do or dont want photos to go to

29th January 2002 07:21 PM


Well...I didn't get a chance to up my trip report here goes.

I arrived in Melbourne at 10.50 on Monday night. Then had to wait until 1am to get a lift into Melbourne proper and the Hotel Bakpak where I was staying.

I had great plans for the night but they were stuffed when I found two girls sound asleep in my room and therefore any getting fancied up to go out was dashed.!

Not happy.

So bed it was, to toss and turn and listen to the monday night Melb nightlife.

Our wonderful Englishman, chimaera woke me on Tuesday morning to lament the fact that I was travelling and he was not and no sooner had I hung up from that call when tayser rang with my updated travel instructions for the day.

I will point out here that calls from tayser are not uncommon. I had received instruction from tays via IRC for perhaps a solid hour on Sunday night and then again, via phone on Monday night when I got in. Now the rules changed again and I was to meet him in town!!


His train was delayed cos of power issues and we ended up meeting outside the dotcom internet cafe.

tayser was everything I expected. No surprises there. I had seen pics and spoken to him on the phone and immediately knew who he was. He is as wonderful and as helpful in real life as he is on the board here and I will pummel anyone that has a bad thing to say about him! rofl I felt like I had known him for years already and I felt really easy and comfortable with him.

We leapt on our train for CAM-BER-WELL and met up with Sirfunk at Flinders station.

Funkee was 'different'. He looked nothing like the photos I had seen and I think I might have been a little overwhelming for him. He was wildly hungover after the BDO and his eyes glowed like traffic lights. He moaned a little and was very quiet for a while, but I think we may have managed to drag him from his shell in the end.

We got off at CAM-BER-WELL and I could see a couple of pairs of eyes peeking over the fence at us.

The Chickens and Ziggy!!!!!

I hugged everyone, as only a fish can, proceeding to attempt to knock MsCh00k out in the process. We all looked each other over and did the intro don't.... I like...exactly like I expected...etc etc etc

What are they all like.... Well, Ch00k is Ch00k, wysiwyg. Yes, he is as he appears, no secrets there. Very set in his ways and perhaps slightly quieter IRL. MsCh00k is wonderful and is full of smiles. I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time we sat there. And the smile is infectious. You have to smile along.

DWZ...well....Ziggy is ziggy. For a young 'kid' he has a surprisingly adult head on his shoulders. He sat quietly in the background, watching and listening and always smiling, yet occasionally throwing in the odd Ziggy comment.

Then we were off for coffee. tays ended up as unofficial tour guide and he led us first one way and then another until we finally reached the most expensive coffee shop in Melb. (But they served great cakes, even if you do have to hock a leg to afford them).

After our coffee and cakes we wandered up the street and ended up sitting outside the Church of Scientology (or some such similar name) on the grass verge and we proceeded to talk.

Well, I talked, and the rest tried to get a word in edgewise.

Sirfunk began to look a little less worried about us all and a little more like he perhaps didn't mind being there after all.

We ended up ringing a pile of IRCérs and AFérs and sharing the excitement of the moment around and I think this particular time will be my happiest memory of Melbourne.

The simplicity of sitting on the grass, at no-place special and getting to really know friends.

Funkee had to leave relatively early and after hugging him and watching him go off on the train, complete with obligatory run after the train, cry and wave routine, which thoroughly embarrassed him, we set off for Zigs place.

I met Zigs mum and she is as wonderful as Ziggy. Very friendly and I would have been happy to sit and chat for ages. But the crew behind me were chomping at the bit to be away as Ch00k (our transport) had to be out for dinner and we still had a ways to go.

We had to get to UB!!! *cue the twilight zone music here*

We dropped off MsCh00k and met the cats and rats before tays, Ch00k and I leapt in the car and headed up the hill. And up and up and up..........

Finally after driving through some really beautiful countryside, we reached the dreaded UB. And is not so bad after all...

Very pretty and probably a place I could happily settle down in. Close to everything, yet country enough to be far away. I loved it.

I met tays mum and the dog, which warned if you plan to sneak around tays place...the dog WILL eat you. Then we leapt in the echo and zoomed off to meet crudman....who had miraculously disappeared into the grey zone and was no-where to be found. (Perhaps he heard I was saving a hug for him????)

Ch00k headed off back down the hill, vowing to return and lay in wait for the crudman another day and tays and I sat and stuffed around on the puter, uploading the photos already filling the camera and idly IRCing.

After a local dinner of fish and chips tays and I headed out to a pub in Pakenham (that's pakenem) to 'sample' the nightlife.

Well, the nightlife there consisted of tays, myself, a barmaid and a couple of derro types watching the races.

tays lost a few dollars on the Pokies, showing me how they worked. I watched. Silly computer games, I could lose the same amount of money upgrading my own puter at home. Least I would have something to show for it.

After a few drinks tays dropped me off at the Pakenham Van Park, which was my home for the night.

Ahhhh, big showers with ample hot water for a long soak and scrub. I soooooo needed that!

Anyways, here I sit, full circle, back at the Dotcom internet cafe on Elizabeth Street (and I still recomment it) , tis Wednesday and tays ran me to the train station this morning so I could make my way into town. This trip report done, I have to check my email and then I am off to Max's places this afternoon.

crudman, you are not off the hook, I will return and I will see you.

30th January 2002 12:45 PM


warning: never leave wrasse by catching public transport. seriously.

30th January 2002 12:48 PM



you loved it Sirfunk

30th January 2002 01:02 PM


i did anyway

30th January 2002 01:06 PM


Well, two reports in one day, how is this!!

After I left the internet cafe this afternoon, I headed off to Balaclava to meet with Max.

Max I met through OzOrg a while ago, he is from Perth and he moved to Melbourne a couple of months back.

He has a great flat in Balaclava that he shares with another ex Perthite, Andrew, that is only minutes from anywhere. I could happily live here forever. The place is seriously no fuss (no furniture, pots or pans either - seriously bachelor) and I feel right at home.

I attempted to burn the place down while making my first cup of coffee. The kettle and the flat survived.

We went out for dinner and did the grand tour.

Driving through St Kilda, then Prahran, Chapel St, Richmond, Smith St Collingwood, Brunswick St Fitzroy, Lygon St Carlton, Little Italy and North Melbourne.

Stopping along the way at the Robert Burns Hotel (?) for dinner and drinks (thoroughly recommended), the Victoria St Markets, Town Hall Hotel for Sushi and Sumo wrestling (tiny place but very friendly) and finally blowing a radiator hose in Chapel St (again), where I got to meet the local RAC. (VRAC?? RACV??).

We finally made it home and I have been happily IRC'ing, AF'ing, talking and watching TV.

Tis now 4.46am and I am off to bed.

Seems, no matter where I am, I manage to stay up late.

Relax Ch00k...I am adaptable.

Tomorrow we plan to walk Chapel Street and I have been told I should buy a coat while we are out. My one jumper has suffered from overuse already and is starting to stand up by itself. (I am hoping that when it becomes a living entity of it's own, it will carry the backpack for me!)

I am sorry, but a lot of the photos are group shots and I don't have permission from all the people concerned to show them around. I will upload the scenery shots to a webpage as soon as I get the chance and will throw the link in.

31st January 2002 02:56 AM



I LOVE MELBOURNE!! This city rocks.

31st January 2002 02:59 AM

smiley sue

Originally posted by Wrasse
I am sorry, but a lot of the photos are group shots and I don't have permission from all the people concerned to show them around. I will upload the scenery shots to a webpage as soon as I get the chance and will throw the link in.

I understand - but maybe just "blank" out the people with no permission? So you have a group of 4 people with 2 bodies/faces blanked out??

sirfunk - get a sense of humour!!!

oh wrasse - I wonder if any magazines anywhere would love to hear about your holiday where you visited 30+ or whatever cyberfriends........ I mean, not for a full story, but even just letters to do the editor type of thing? Plus I hope you're keeping printouts of these thread entries of yours - you might like to look back at them in 10 years time and hae a nice reminisce session ro whatever..........

31st January 2002 05:24 AM


Originally posted by Wrasse
Relax Ch00k...I am adaptable.

Its okay, I am very relaxed

but I hope you are a cold water fish. our hot water service has b0rked at the moment Hopefully will be fixed soon.

While you are staying with Max, ask him for recommendations for places to eat on Sunday night. Neither tayser nor me are what you would call, decisive

Sue: interesting that you said "meet cyberfriends". I've always just thought of it as meeting friends who happen to have a different way of talking to each other.

31st January 2002 05:57 AM


Mistress Bec....PM on it's way to you. I want to take you up on those drinks we all spoke of so long ago. The three of us.
Now that would be a trip report worth writing about.


Smiley Sue, I won't put the pics up, blanked out or not. I have been asked by 2 people not to show them. I know you don't like showing your pics on the web, so I know you can appreciate their feelings.

I understand you are around Sydney? Would you like to meet with me? We can arrange a nice quiet place. Perhaps a net cafe and I can show you the pics there. I would like to meet the elusive Smiley Sue.


Ch00k, maybe once I would have called people Net or IRC friends. (Never Cyber...conjures images I care not to think of.) But not anymore. I know now that my 'real' friends could not be any nicer or any more real than the people I have met so far, they are just closer to me in distance.

Yes, the people I have met through chatting on the computer have shown me how real we all are. I know how lucky I am to have met you all on here and then to have a dream realised by meeting you in person too. I am doing what many people can only think of in daydreams.....

.....and I am getting maudlin and sooky....I will stop here.


I understand the fear some people have about meeting people online, yes, there would would be some dodgy's around. But take a simple little care, and take the chance.

It is not to be regretted.

31st January 2002 09:20 AM


Originally posted by Wrasse
Yes, the people I have met through chatting on the computer have shown me how real we all are. I know how lucky I am to have met you all on here and then to have a dream realised by meeting you in person too. I am doing what many people can only think of in daydreams.....

that paragraph has inspired me. I think I will stop sending my nephew along to meet you and actually come myself so that you can see the real me. I dont go out in public often, but if I put on my foil hat, so the aliens cant steal my thoughts, and only spend half an hour outside I should be alright. Could we possibly meet somewhere really public, like a park? People give me strange looks when i wear the bright yellow radiation suit, but public places are better. the further away you are from the footpaths the better i always say. no need to have the government spying on us.

of course, if we do meet, you will need to be standing downwind of me all the time, and try not to bring anything magnetic along with you.

31st January 2002 09:45 AM


Ch00k, ok, you did it, you had me LMAO for the first time in months, thank you...

Wrasse, can't wait for your visit to Sydney...



31st January 2002 06:20 PM


Wrasse, your postings (and the others) have been really nice!

With so much negativity over "Cyber Friends" being around, I am so glad that you have been able to put what seems to be overkill to rest.

I have been quite nervous about revealing who I am really am ( no I don't dress in female clothes and rape catz :-)) but was concerrned that if I reveal too much I will find what I don't want.

You are one hell of a person and I luv reading about ur holiday and the ppl u meet (from here especially). When u r in Brisy, email me and if u like we can have a beverage in the city with other ausforum members in Brisy.

I must sound like a wuss, heheh maybe I am, but I ski double diamond runs :-) (including the Hahnenkahm in Austria).

Maybe u would like to meet my wife and kidz (my son is teaching me now about IT and my younger daughter will be doing so soon) ;-)

Neway, have a great holiday!

31st January 2002 07:45 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse
I understand the fear some people have about meeting people online, yes, there would would be some dodgy's around. But take a simple little care, and take the chance.

So true, so very true. A good example of this would be about 12 months ago.. I up and left Wodonga, Victoria - got a on a Greyhound bus, headed to Perth, WA. A very big risk on my part, and a big risk on Kaye's part ( it was intended that I would stay @ Kaye's until I had found a place to stay etc)

It was a risk.. but we did it. And, yes you need to be careful at the sametime.

31st January 2002 11:03 PM


I'll be limping slightly and as a friend has just decided to visit from the US (!!! - nice boy, too ) I can't offer floorspace until Feb 23 ...

mrpeabody, shall we include you in plans??

Wrasse, you've made me all maudlin for Melbourne now (this happens frequently ...).

Maudlin for Melbourne. Wotta cool name for a song or something


1st February 2002 10:20 AM


What can I say, except, again......


Max and I walked from Windsor station to the Channel 10 building and stopped to look at all the odd shops along the way. OK, fair enough, for the people of Melbourne they may not be odd, but for this green West Aussie a lot of them were eyeopeners.

I was rather disappointed that Max didn't want to check out the fetish shops, preferring instead to wait on the sidewalk while my eyes boggled alone.

Andrew picked us up as we were walking back the way we came and we headed off to the Red Gum Cafe for dinner.

On Friday Max and I went into St Kilda.

I was rather disappointed that I didn't see a body washed up in the shores of St Kilda beach, after all, that is what we hear about St Kilda. Murders, Prostitutes and Junkies. I didn't see anything that was obviously any one of them.

Perhaps I was there at the wrong time.

The weather was soooo hot and we were wilting as we walked along St Kilda beach, so Max and I lay on the grass and watched the clouds float by.

We saw a poodle, a nuclear mushroom cloud, a skull and numerous other odd things as we lay on the grass, looking like our own brand of junkies, outside the fancy restaurant overlooking the bay.

What better way to spend your time in Melbourne. Life doesn't get any better than this.

After crawling home in the heat we holed up in Max's cool apartment to await the evening.

And what an evening it was. If nothing else could possibly show me that I was in a different world entirely, the weather would have done it.

By 5pm the thunder had rolled in. The weather got hotter and muggier and the day got dark. I have never heard thunder as loud for as long before.

We had lightning, thunder and eventually rain.

Not just any old rain I might add. This rain was killer rain. If it didn't beat you into the ground, it would perforate your skull or if that failed, wash you away down the local street and into the nearest drain to drown.

Naturally, like expat Perth idiots, we had to go out and dance in it.

The thunder lasted until I hit the sack at roughly midnight Melb time (early for me) and I fell off to sleep to the rumble that sounded like trains on the roof.

Ch00k picked me up this morning and after sadly saying goodbye to Max, Andrew and Max's girlfriend, Sarah (who arrived last night via plane) we headed off to Ch00k manor.

There I got reaquainted with MsCh00k, the cats and the rats.

I met TonKa...who is way tall and had no warning we were coming...sorry tonks.

Pizza for dinner, followed by alcohol and Trivial Pursuit, which Ch00k won.

Tomorrow, we all meet for Dinner, (10 of us in all so far......PM me if you want to join us) and I get to meet more people.

Till then, as I have already said.

Melbourne rocks!

2nd February 2002 10:03 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse

Not just any old rain I might add. This rain was killer rain. If it didn't beat you into the ground, it would perforate your skull or if that failed, wash you away down the local street and into the nearest drain to drown.

The thunder lasted until I hit the sack at roughly midnight Melb time (early for me) and I fell off to sleep to the rumble that sounded like trains on the roof.

Yer damn that hail was the size of Golf Balls, well in Ballarat anyway. Lucky i had my car under cover. The people who live near me werent so lucky, brand new sexy White Camaro with little dents in it. Was some weird weather to get in summer.

2nd February 2002 10:15 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse

I met TonKa...who is way tall and had no warning we were coming...sorry tonks.

Melbourne rocks!

No problem Wrasse, was good to meet physically and not to much of a scare

brb, I gotta go and board up the windows and door incase any other women I don't know of are after me

3rd February 2002 06:52 AM


Originally posted by CuBeer

Yer damn that hail was the size of Golf Balls, well in Ballarat anyway. Lucky i had my car under cover. The people who live near me werent so lucky, brand new sexy White Camaro with little dents in it. Was some weird weather to get in summer.

Frig yeah, I've NEVER seen that much lightning or heard that much thunder, and that rain was far too hard, it never rains like that in summer (well rarely)

What temp did it get to during the day ?

3rd February 2002 10:11 AM


What a day!

A bit of history here: While I was packing to come away, everyone said to me....Take warm clothes for Melbourne. Melbournes weather changes...etc

Well, I was smart, I did. Yes, seriously, I listened to their advice and I did.

A Jumper. Which, as I have already pointed out, is now standing up by itself, although I have yet to train it to carry the pack. I am however, still experimenting with that idea.

Anyways, back to the tale. This meant that for the dinner planned tonight, I either a: Froze or b: Looked like a derro

Being a rather typical female meant that the latter was totally out of the question. Of course I went for the only option I had. C: Shopping!

I dragged MsCh00k (actually she dragged me, but for the purpose of this story, I am at fault) off to Chadstone (tays, correct me if I am wrong here) and there we walked in circles for numerous hours while I decided that everything Melbourne had to offer was either not good enough to wear on my person, or was way out of my price range.

Just as MsCh00k was about to tear my hair out I found a great little Denim jacket and now being poorer to the tune of $70, I was ready to go out to dinner.

Back to Ch00k manor, where we found the poor master of the house expiring quietly due to lack of sleep (no stamina these Chickens). So as to not make him feel uncomfortable, we decided to follow suit and all fall into bed (I had a separate funny stories here) for an afternoon snooze to recharge in prep for the evening. This is the state we were in when the doorbell rang, way earlier than expected and tayser, Demon & Fleurbie made their presence known.

Wrasse fresh out of bed is not a pretty sight and I escaped quickly outside to clear the fluff from my head and to order my thoughts. This was after all, the Intrepid [MIA] Clan leader and therefore someone I was supposed to look up to. It really didn't help that I chose to wear platform shoes with an almost suicidal height. No matter, I managed to bend my knees and look quite short when I had a need to.

Fleurbie and Demon appeared to be a little shy at first, being trip lagged from their holiday probably didn't help. But I am starting to find that the people I meet appear to be a little overwhelmed in the beginning. Not sure why, but I guess meeting these people you speak to online could be a little daunting at first.

We headed off in two cars to La Porchetta in South Yarra, (Girls in one and the Guys in the other. Naturally, we beat the Guys there, also naturally, in Guy logic, they were going the quick way. you work out the logic there). I promptly terrified the waiter by arranging the rearranging of the tables and chairs and complaining about the slow delivery of our drinks.

Siegfried turned up and was quite entertaining as the Waitress tried to work out who he should be seated with and he had no way of telling her the answer to that question either. I hovered and listened for a while before coming to their rescue. Other than that I had not seen Sieg before and visually he was not what I expected, he was personality wise, perhaps a little less stiff than he comes across online and all in all a heap of fun. I could have happily kicked on later and attempted to match him drink for drink, but the situation dictated that was not to be. Oh well.

Sparkyz0r turned up and I had no preconceptions there, although I had not seen pics previously he did not surprise me at all and he made his way to the table easily, having already met some members previously. I am attempting to talk Sparkyz0r into joining me for the Sydney leg of my trip. He very rashly said that he wouldn't mind joining me. Of course, like a bull terrier, I will not let that subject drop. He backed off rapidly when I said, great idea, I will help you pack. I am still working on him.

Round the table we sat: DWZ, MsCh00k, Ch00k, TonKa, Sparkyz0r, Wrasse, Siegfried, Demon, Fleur and tayser.

I cannot begin to tell you of the conversation and the fun we had during the evening. The basic rule was: Don't leave your seat or you lose it as I encouraged people to play musical chairs and shift around the table. The meal was great and I think that everyone enjoyed it, (I know that I will now be told if anyone didn't ). The wait service was very poor and I got a lot of exercise leaping up to find waiters to freshen drinks. No matter, exercise I can always do with.

! Wrasse bounces

DWZ left fairly early and the rest of us headed off to Chapel Street to Frostbites. Walking roughly 6 blocks to the right before Ch00k changed his mind and turned us round to march 8 blocks in the opposite direction to a pool hall.

So, what do a group or Internet Gamers do when they go out for a night on the town? They find a pool hall complete with amusement machines and they challenge each other to games!!

I lost the car racing dreadfully. DO NOT DRIVE WITH ME. You will spend more time on the roof of the car than the wheels.

As for pool, well, you win some, you lose some. I did both, very successfully.

We finally headed off back to the cars as some had to work and others had to catch planes the next day. Ch00k dumped Demon, Fleur and myself off on the pavement and left us to our own devices as he whizzed Siegfried back to his hotel. Finally returning to pick us up and run us all home.

I declare the Ch00kens Vectra to be the official [MIA] car, it has now carried more [MIA] members than any other.

After camping ourselves in the middle of Ch00ks street for a period of time and undoubtably upsetting the neighbours with our laughter, chat and car rev noises, we started the goodbye proceedings, genuflected to our intrepid leader, kissed his feet and sent him and his entourage on his way.

So ends the biggest [MIA] meet. We had a great night, I know I sure did and I cannot express my thanks and love for the people involved enough to convey that in here. The effort people are going to to make this work is just wonderful and to everyone a huge thanks.

Todays award goes to Siegfried for his dedication, shown by flying into Melbourne for this event.

4th February 2002 09:38 AM


When your in Sydney give me a buz (you have my number)

5th February 2002 12:52 AM


I have been accused of having a nose for a computer. I can find one anywhere I was told.

Seems that statement was not entirely incorrect.

I am currently in a Backpacker hotel in the city and shoved off in a corner here is a little puter with the ability to browse the web. No IRC, but I am am going to go looking for a web based IRC client in a moment and see what I can do.

Neccessity is the mother of invention.

Today was spent wandering round the city itself. I visited all the bike shops (that's motorbikes) and I found a great little lamp shop called TW Sands (the initials may not be correct) that specialises in restoring old lamps. Right up my alley and I spoke to the gentleman there for perhaps an hour, maybe a little more about his collection and my own collection. We had a great time and have exchanged email addys. I have to email him pics of my lamps when I get home.

I wandered around in a HUGE shopping complex. Goes under some odd Japanese name (I think) starting with D and is situated on top of the Melbourne Central train station. There is a magnificent building inside and I am sure the very mention of the 'Dome' on top will have the Melbournites scrabbling for the 'post reply' button on the bottom to tell me the name and history of this building. I would very much like to hear it. In the absence of any response, I will ring tayser. I have found there is not much in his beloved city he does not know about.

OK, off to find a web based IRC browser now.......

5th February 2002 07:58 PM


Web-based IRC client at TPL homepage somewhere

The building is the Shot Tower (i believe they used to make shot there), in Melbourne Central, where the main store is Daimaru.

Do I win a prize?

(oh, and its not a dome, its a cone)

5th February 2002 08:03 PM



and the magnificent building under the dome is the "Shot Tower"

Other things for you to see on Wednesday in the city:

Queen Victoria Markets - largest open air markets in the Southern Hemisphere

Southbank & Crown worth a wonder

Australian on Collins fan-freaking-tastic eateries and misc shops in there.

Bourke Street Mall, and the City Myer Windows (dunno what they have in them in Feb though, it's usually famous for it's Christmas displays)

Go on the Golden Mile Heritage walk, starts down near Flinders Street and old Quarantine House, winds up through Market street, through the Financial district, The Rialto Observation Deck is WELL worth the 5 or so bucks ya have to pay. From Rialto walk down Collins street <-- one of the most classiest When you're walking down collins I think it hits Elizabeth then takes you through some of the hidden arcades we're famous for (blarp "hidden" lol) then you head up Exhibition street past Telstra HQ (btw if you do go on this walk, make sure you spit on the Telstra Corporate Centre door for me, k ? lol ) Then it heads up to the Old Exhibition Buildings just out of the city in Carlton.

^^ Go to Town Hall for the Toursty stuffs, located on Swanston Street between Collins and Little Collins streets, there's also a tourist centre on Little Collins street, it's sign posted FROM Swanston street (hehe confused yet ? )

Victorian Parliament and Treasury buildings are worth a gawk at (supposedly some of the best Georgian Architechture outside of Europe!). They also have a fair bit of history as it was first seat of the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, before it moved to where it is now in Canberra.

Cant think of anything else atm Wrasse, I wouldn't worry if you dont get to see it all, after all you're coming back here before you go back to Perth

if I think of any other things I'll post.


This has been another episode of tayser's tours of Melbourne inc. Kindly pay yer 5 FREAKING THOUSAND dollar fee promptly


5th February 2002 08:12 PM


Originally posted by Ch00k
Web-based IRC client at TPL homepage somewhere

yep, direct link:

Just type /join #mia it will override the TPL thingOriginally posted by Ch00k
The building is the Shot Tower (i believe they used to make shot there), in Melbourne Central,

yeah, i like Melbourne Central too

5th February 2002 08:13 PM

tayser (640k) (640k)

All stuff circled in red = worth visiting


ok now I'm getting carried away, but EH,

love thy Melbourne

5th February 2002 08:54 PM


Originally posted by tayser
GOD DAMN IT, I say we ban the chicken from this thread

you put someone up for 3 nights, and thats the thanks you get... where is the recognition, i ask you? why is it that the chicken must always be the down-trodden. Well no more I say, no more! If the chicken is not wanted, then I shall leave, and you will see... soon you will want the chicken... oh yes.. you will...

5th February 2002 09:02 PM


Ch00k Man0r...what can I say about Ch00k Man0r.

Well, I can say this... (, had better not, the private life of chickens is best left to farmers....)

Ch00k Man0r rocks and I have not finished with them yet. I refused to hug the Ch00kens goodbye as I will be back in a month.

Lock the doors, bar the windows and paint the front door....or at least that timber box by the front door.....

I will say no more on the subject, except - I thank the Ch00kens all very much (and I include Bert and Ernie in that 'all').

5th February 2002 09:15 PM


tays, you never fail to surprise me. Thanks

.....ummm, please excuse me if I avoid the Telstra building like the plague....

love thy Melbourne

I do

5th February 2002 09:20 PM


Originally posted by MsCh00k

I can't believe you forgot Old Melbourne Gaol (not that I've ever been there )

I know I know

/me slaps himself

I also for got this: my bad

and notabley this:

The MCG, Story Hall at RMIT, Old Melb Gaol (ta MsCh00k), GPO, Town Hall (mentioned earlier though)...

umm yeh, etc lol

5th February 2002 09:43 PM


hey Wrasse, happy travels huh?
be sure plz, to get in touch when you reach Brisbane ok?.
did you get my e-mail?

6th February 2002 07:12 AM


Happy Vegemite

I have eaten my heart out the whole time I have been in Melbourne. Why? You ask, or maybe you don't, :insert shrug smilie here: I am going to tell you anyway.

Melbourne is full of bikes. The Motorcycle variety that is. Lots and lots of them, all shapes and sizes, colours and brands. But mostly, all new and modern.

I have had to sit back and watch them all go past and ask any of the people I have been with during my Melbourne travels and they will tell you: A bike goes past and after Wrasse has finished drooling, she cries.

No More!

I was off doing the Melbourne sightseeing thing. If you want to know where I went, simply click on taysers links above. Plot the shortest course between the red (wiggly) circles and you will see where I have been.

While at Nauru House (why he sent me there I have no idea, but haircuts are good....) Ch00k rang me. It appeared that crudman had been found! He was no longer really [MIA].

What to do??? No transport and limited time. I needed something quick, manouverable and mostly, with wheels. Oh dear..... I would need to hire a bike.

What a pity. *sigh*

Garners Motorcycles in Peel Street, North Melbourne supplied me with a wonderful little Honda Spada. I had never ridden a Spada before and to be honest, don't like the style. But, beggers can't be choosers and between that and Virago...well.......

Off I went, with many sidetracks on the way. I crossed Chapel Street...Have to stop in at Max's, I was booked for dinner with DWZ and his family, so over there I went.

My sincerest apologies Zig, I am sorry I cancelled dinner. I hope you understand the reasons why and I will take you up on dinner when I get back to Melbourne on my way home.

On up to UB I went. Oh what a magnificent ride it was/is too. The road is country, up and downhill with many twists and turns designed for fast bikes. (And the Spada was well up to the task, very impressed).

In no time at all I was in UB and I pulled up at tays place to say hi before landing on crudmans doorstep.

*crudman details censored* (for my own safety).

All too soon I was back on the road and heading for Ch00ks. After a pic session with the Ch00ks and the bike, it was back on the road for a little fun before dropping it off at Garners.

Dinner in St Kilda, what a joy that was, not so much the food, but the ability to crawl St Kilda on a bike and check everything out.

Just to have my own transport made the day great. The throttle opening stretches made it magnificent.

Happiness is a Wrasse covered in road grime.

I am off for Goulburn, NSW, tomorrow at 8.30am. To all who have made my stay here in Melbourne such a memorable one, I truly thank you. You have been wonderful people, open and friendly and I will be back to haunt the lot of you again and again.


6th February 2002 10:43 PM


I had a very strange phone call the other day.... just so happened I was asleep when the phone rang, and extremely hung over. I had to talk to some strange foreign people, most of whom I had never spoken to before, and they all had rather strange accents...

Wrasse you goose I will call you soon

The rest of you... sorry for being so 'vague'. I was hung over and half asleep.... not the best of first impressions eh?

I ought to get some phone numbers so I can call certain people more often ... perhaps.

7th February 2002 07:41 AM


Originally posted by Wrasse
My sincerest apologies Zig, I am sorry I cancelled dinner. I hope you understand the reasons why and I will take you up on dinner when I get back to Melbourne on my way home.

tis np.

i will see you when you get back

7th February 2002 02:38 PM


The train ride sucked.

8 hours in a train. There are only so many cows and sheep you can look at without going mad. I think I went over my quota.

We hit two sheep and although we stopped to clear them from the track, we didn't pick them up. Pity, pre-tenderised even, would have been good offered in the buffet car.

Shan was late to pick me up from the train station, I toyed with the idea of walking over to her place, but figured, as she was pregnant, she didn't need the extra stress of running around trying to find me.

When we reached her place we discovered it had been broken into during the day. Two video machines stolen. The remotes were left behind though. Go figure.

So, I got to sleep in the room by the unlockable, uncloseable front door. That was exciting.

Goulburn is bigger than I expected. The pub serves great Bourban and coke. Only took me half an hour to teach them how to make it and serve it properly. They learn quick this side of the border.

9th February 2002 01:04 AM


Plans they are a changing.

I am still in Goulburn, but it looks like I will be in Canberra tomorrow and Sydney on Thursday night.

Still very up in the air though.

11th February 2002 12:02 PM


Me again

Yesterday saw Shannon and I heading off to Canberra. I thought it was going to be a long trip and except for the car deciding it possibly did not want to go with us, it was relatively quick. Not quite an hour. Mind you, Shan never was one for reading speed signs. I guess it is a bit hard when they are just a blur on the side of the road.

We arrived in Canberra and went in Search of the Civic Centre, where I was told earlier in this thread, that Aegan worked.

We found his work, but no sign of Aegan. The lass behind the counter was nice enough to inform us he was at home and she rang to let him know we were drinking coffee there and could he ring us. Which he quickly did and we made plans to visit on the way out.

Canberra has just finished (?) a multicultural festival and for some mad reason they took this to mean they must hang towels in the main mall of town. Very odd. I took a pic and as soon as I get home I will upload Canberras dirty washing for the world to see.

Another odd thing about Canberrans, is the need to have sheep in the main mall also. Incidently, the sheep have towels around their necks and draped in suggestive areas on their bodies. I intend to ponder further on the Canberran preoccupation with towels, given that Canbarra is our Nations capital, I feel there must be a link there.....

After a bit of shopping and a quick sightsee around town, we headed off to the War Memorial.

I was in mixed view about this, having been told it was a must see and also a waste of time.

It is NOT a waste of time.

The grounds are magnificent and the building very impressive. I was slightly disappointed in the view back down the road from the front door, although the more patriotic would have been rather happy with it I guess. I never was one for the Politicians myself. It was, of course, Parliment House, way off in the distance luckily, lest I be tempted to wander on down there and stir some trouble. (Sorry tayser)

Within the Museum on the entry level is the 'Pool of Rememberance' (?) with the levels around holding the Roll of Honour. Poppies were in abundance, lovingly placed against plaques alongside names.

Inside the building, security is fierce. Shan and I were not allowed to wear our backpack type handbags as they were meant to be worn, instead, having to carry them in our hands or surrender them for safekeeping at the desk. Go figure that! Our backpacks are far less accessible on our backs than in our hands, but obviously some bright spark has made this rule and the rest are regimental in keeping it.

The Museum itself is huge and has many nooks and crannies and chambers to get lost in. There is a WW1 wing, WW2 wing, Airpower wing, Vietnam, history of, peacekeeping, etc etc etc. You need more than the few hours we had to view it. The general atmosphere is quiet and you can feel the reluctance to talk of the people viewing, as you walk through.

I have taken a load of pics and again, as soon as I am home, will upload them to be seen. Some of the displays are magnificent.

As we were in the newly opened section that housed a sub and tanks and machinery in general, we noticed a film crew. On closer inspection Shan was able to identify Mike Whitney and Shan being Shan, she wasted no time at all in finding out the reason for the filming and getting the details.

Seems the War Museum is to appear on : Sydney Weekender, Saturday, in about three weeks time. Channel 7 at 5.30. Check your guides though for the right details and I am not sure if it is shown nationwide or not.

The grounds surrounding the museum are just as impressive and well manicured. Statues abound and the possibilities for pics and idling your time away are endless.

After a few problems with Shans car's gearbox, we got out of the Museum carpark and headed off to Aegans place.

Canberra is in general very clean and neat and tidy. If there are any 'dump' areas around, I feel sure they have managed to pull the border closer so they can claim those areas to be part of NSW. Nice to make the rules.

It was lovely to meet with Aegan and put a face to the name. We enjoyed a cup of coffee and then ran amok on his computer system before having to bolt out the door to be back in Goulburn on time for an appointment. That was a bugger as I would have liked to spend more time there.

And so endeth my travels in Canberra.

Next: Sydney.

13th February 2002 10:38 AM


Yes, the war memorial is a must see when visiting Canberra, I never miss the opportunity when I go there.

To me the most poignant parts of the museum would have to be:

the tomb of the unknown soldier, there is a presence there.

the exit way, full of pictures of the aftermath of war. and

the photo rolls of the enlistees that were imprisoned in Japanese POW camps (there are so many of them).

13th February 2002 04:14 PM


Old Parliament House would also be a must see too The New Parliament house is grouse as well

The Telstra Tower (I call it the Telecom Tower still ) has great view and Mount Ainslie is good too

reminds me Wrasse, none of us took you to see the Shrine down here eh ?

13th February 2002 05:53 PM


I saw the Telstra tower and was informed of the view from there. However, out of principle, I did not approach it.

I may be locked into contract with them, I do not intend to go anywhere near them voluntarily.


And no...somewhere in amongst all your instructions on what to see in Melbourne....the Shrine got missed.

No matter, gives me an excuse for next time

13th February 2002 09:18 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse
I saw the Telstra tower and was informed of the view from there. However, out of principle, I did not approach it.

I may be locked into contract with them, I do not intend to go anywhere near them voluntarily.

eh, most of the canberrans i know still call it the "black mountain tower" and go up and look at the view anyway. same way that "centrepoint" is technically the "AMP Tower". No-one calls it by the commercial name ...


13th February 2002 09:44 PM


Mt Ainslie, especially at night, is really quite amazing, its much better than the view from the top of Black Mountain (of course, I kind of refuse to pay to climb a tower and look at houses and a city)
some of my other favourite places here are Casurina sands (commonly referred to as the cotter or the river [which also refers to the other swimming areas down south side]) - theres a nice little pub out there. its also brilliant to be able to drive no more than 20 mintues out from the city and be in rural country areas, anjd 10 minutes beyond that be in the bush ! (albeit with roads, but fire trails, hills, walking tracks, bush, animals, and weird car dumps [another story heh])
really, i do quite love it here

re reluctance to talk at the war memorial, yes, im inclined that way, its the kind of place I go generally by myself, reflection and just.. i dunno.. quietness
parliament house, bla. national museum has some weird lookin architecture

14th February 2002 05:03 PM

smiley sue

well, wrasse will give everyone an update when she's online next, but I will tempt your curiosity.......

this morning I caught up with wrasse here in sydney, joined soon after by dean....... wrasse was all smiles and laughs which was good since it's a dreary and wet day.......

I won't tell you a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g more so that you'll all spend the rest of the day wondering!!! heheh!

wrasse will fill everyone in with her great "diary" entries

February 2002 12:22 PM



More to follow.....soon

18th February 2002 04:00 PM


der Everything's bigger on the East Coast

18th February 2002 05:13 PM


just for you tays0r:

[18:17:31] <Ch00kw0rk> have fun in Sydney
[18:17:35] <Wrasse> yeah right
[18:17:37] <Wrasse> heh
[18:17:50] <Wrasse> (Tisn't Melbourne)
[18:18:05] <Ch00kw0rk> lol
[18:18:12] <Ch00kw0rk> where is tayser when you need him
[18:18:12] <Ch00kw0rk>
[18:18:24] <reverend> bah
[18:18:37] <reverend> '<tayser> melb 0wnz gayney'
[18:18:39] <reverend> happy?

18th February 2002 05:19 PM


Originally posted by tayser

der Everything's bigger on the East Coast

Except the States

20th February 2002 09:25 AM


Originally posted by peteroz

Except the States

Well said !

OK, yes, I am here in Sydney.

I arrived on Sunday afternoon and am staying with my Cousin. While on the train down/over/up/across from Goulburn my phone rang. My Cousin informed me that she would be picking me up at the station and this she did. *whew* Am I ever so glad. Seems the Backpackers place I had booked myself into was not in the best of burbs and to be honest, having a native tour guide has been wonderful.

We headed off to Vaucluse(?) to another cousins for dinner and to catch up with the gossip before heading over/down/across/up to Paddington where I would be staying.

On Monday I caught the bus to Circular Quay where I met Smiley Sue for coffee and a get to know each other chat, before we were joined by Dean. I must have drunk at least 4 cups of coffee and the conversation round the table never stopped.

Sue had to leave to run some errands and Dean and I set off for the Powerhouse Museum, with many sidetracks along the way.

We eventually boarded the monorail and reached the museum, where we consequently got stuck in the computer display they have there. I got some great pics of the robotic animals that were on display there and could have quite happily spent the remainer of my day programming them to sit and stay and come. But Dean was chomping at the bit to see more and the girls doing the display were growing weary, so off we went to explore further. In no time at all closing time was being announced and although we tried very hard to not be seen sneaking around the displays, we were eventually found and kicked unceremoniously from the premises.

Off back into town we wandered, via Chinatown, (which is no-where near as Chinatownishly authentic as Melbournes) and after feeding our faces with Baskin Robbins icecream, we wound up in a Cyber cafe where each of us did the net junkie thing and checked/logged on to our various chosen places and did the puter thing for a while.

After the Cyber cafe, we found a pool hall and proceeded to tell each other how good were at the game until we just had to have one to prove ourselves. Three games were played. I will not tell you who won.

Alcohol was consumed, the jukebox was abused (it played Manson !!) and we weaved off unsteadily with the mistaken notion that each of us should make our ways home.

That was, until we found another Cyber cafe that had a CS game being advertised in the front window.

Now, up until now we had never had the chance to play against each other and we took this opportunity to do so. The Cyber cafe was great, (Dean has started a thread about it, so I won't go into it here) I was unceremoniously slaughtered at eavery step and eventually I had to admit defeat. Bugger

(Oh, btw, I won all three games of pool. So there!)

Luckily for me Dean knew where I had to go to catch my bus back to Paddington and like a perfect gentleman, did not just point me in the direction, but walked me there also. (Somehow in the process picking up another Backpacker also - still not sure how that happened.)

Tuesday morning I got a chance to sleep in and after a lazy morning, hopped on a bus and headed into town again. This time I did the walk around the rocks and the full on touristy photograph the bridge thing.

I jumped on a ferry and did a cruise around the harbour, running amok with my camera the whole time. Arriving back at the docks, I did the whole thing over again on another ferry. And again and again. I had a ball.

Gayle (Cousin) and I ended up having dinner at a little pub deep in the heart of the winding streets of Paddington (5 ways) and do not ever ask me to find the place again!

It was really quaint and we ate on the balcony, which had a 15% tilt to the outside and had us both in terrors that our food would slip away!

Today found me again sleeping in (I could get used to this) before putting on the walking shoes and setting off. I am unsure how many miles I have walked, but basically I had to pretty much walk into town before finding this Cyber cafe.

And here I currently sit, checking up on the news of my old world and posting the news of the new.

Till next time.....


(Shit the couple using the computer next to me need to get a room, or learn to kiss quietly, they sound like vacumn cleaners and if they read this, all the better, they shouldn't be peeking.)

20th February 2002 12:58 PM

smiley sue

Glad that Sydney is keeping you occupied! You sure you don't want to climb the bridge now that the rain may have finished?? Or how about just walk a-c-r-o-s-s it??

20th February 2002 01:22 PM

Dean Wilson

Originally posted by Wrasse
(Oh, btw, I won all three games of pool. So there!)

You *JUST* had to bring they up hey.
oh and I still have no idea what is on level 2 & 3 of the power house.

20th February 2002 01:38 PM


Originally posted by smiley sue
You sure you don't want to climb the bridge now that the rain may have finished??

I thoroughly recommend it. It's all good.

20th February 2002 01:44 PM


Wrasse, get yerself to Manly & the Northern Beaches/Shore

Manly's only a Ferry ride from Circular Quay and I will have to admit, the best part of Sydney is the North Shore(just like Eastern Melbourne's the best part down here :P ), Dev, Konrad, Ziricon and all the rest of the EC mob live up there, they can be yer tour guides

20th February 2002 05:28 PM


Manly's only a Ferry ride from Circular Quay and I will have to admit, the best part of Sydney is the North Shore(just like Eastern Melbourne's the best part down here :P ), Dev, Konrad, Ziricon and all the rest of the EC mob live up there, they can be yer tour guides

yep - the best part of Sydney!!

I'm sure the guys would just lurve to guide you! Sadly, I can't as I'm a bit snowed-under with assessments right now, but it'll be a great experience for ya!

20th February 2002 06:07 PM


Hey Wrasse

thanks for the phone call... you had me thinking... who the hell is this?? *LOL*

Sorry I couldn't make it out last night at such short notice, but if you want to do something on Friday night after I finish work, that'd be great, I might even be able to persuade WauloK to come along too.. *grin*

Sent you an SMS, hope you got it, if you need me I am at work today, so pop me a PM here or SMS my mobile!


21st February 2002 06:10 AM


Well, the EC n00bs are just a little too slow off the mark. I fly out tomorrow (friday morning), so I guess I won't be seeing them this week.

Sydney has been a blur so far, and although I will be back next Tuesday, I am not sure how long for.


Dean, you can't thrash me in CS and expect me to be silent about my pool winnings.

21st February 2002 11:32 AM


Bris-vegas to meet more of the MIA people

Greystorm, Jokesta, NebKen, Siegfried (again, met him down here) Gester, Usambara etc etc

22nd February 2002 09:58 AM


WOW ! What a flat out time this has been.

I have just arrived back in Sydney after a whirlwind 4 days in Brisbane.

Met: Siegfried, Jokesta, NebKen, Usambara, Gester and Greystorms Mum. Missed Greystorm, Frootbat and Zanthor though. (That gives me an excuse to go back )

What can I say ? Besides the wonderful people, all of them, Brisbane just r0cks!!!

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Goulburn..... All a poor second.


I have people to meet very shortly, so will fill in the trip report as soon as I can and put it up, I have so much to tell.

26th February 2002 04:52 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse

/me starts stop watch
...oh tayyyyyyyserr.....

26th February 2002 04:59 PM


hey Wrasse lady..
you know how i hate to pull my own chain n all, but i just gotta say it.
you missed the neatest ppl whilst you was here!
meaning Greystorm and froot bat...
.har har, you all thoughht i was refering to me huh?
well, just a little perhaps..
well, at least i did get to hear your voice over the phone lines a few times, even if it was at near 2 am one morning.!
silky smooth it was too,
must have been all the (deleted) dippin you was doin in the Roma street fountain in the wee small hrs..
or was that behind the fountain??
or perhaps all the liquid beverages the ppl around you was consuming!
the party sure sounded rowdy and alive.
darn, so sorry i missed ya.
perhaps next time huh?

26th February 2002 05:51 PM


Well I would just like to say that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Wrasse and Dean yesterday evening after work.

Guess the EC crew couldn't make it.

Needless to say a few drinks and laughs were had, I was humiliated in a few games of pool, then WauloK and I dropped a very worn out little fishie home to curl up for the night

27th February 2002 07:54 AM


Originally posted by Wrasse
Missed Greystorm, Frootbat and Zanthor though. (That gives me an excuse to go back )

Aww shucks.

Originally posted by Wrasse

/me awaits tayser's reply. (See tays, the truth is out there)

27th February 2002 05:38 PM

fat tony

Originally posted by Wrasse

wrasse is like them celebs. that come 2 oz. they all say oz is the best even when they don't mean it.

i 4 1 am not falling 4 her quote above.

27th February 2002 05:53 PM

Dean Wilson

Originally posted by MistressBec
Well I would just like to say that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Wrasse and Dean yesterday evening after work.

Yeah, was a very cool night too. Great to meet you Bec.

27th February 2002 07:03 PM


i have really enjoyed lurking and reading of your travels. It is a bit like a narrative version of easy rider or maybe like that Marianne Faithful motorcycle movie (if we have to find a movie starring a female riding a motorbike). It is not only nice to see that you are enjoying yourself but it has been great to reassure us all that not all people you talk to on the net are freakos in real life.

Enjoy your travels in Queensland especially if you head norf to Cans

28th February 2002 03:06 PM


I am on my way back to Goulburn atm, will be on the train in an hour. I have unlimited access to a you beaut, state of the art, Win95 system there. :P

Will post the Sydney and Brisbane trip reports there, either tonight or tomorrow.

hulahoopa, I won't be going up to Cairns, that is a little too close to my Mother for comfort. I have started the return leg now and will hopefully be home in Perth by mid next week at the latest. (Flights out of Melbourne will be the deciding factor, due to Grand Prix.)

Unless, of course, I get waylaid and end up dragging myself back to Brisbane......


28th February 2002 03:18 PM


awwwc/mon wrasse, thats not fair, dangling tantalising carrots bout how you may come back this way.
mmm, this is by far the best place to be, why the heck you want to head south again for anyhows?
you were not here long enough by far!

28th February 2002 08:52 PM


Zan, I know that now, but at the time, the time period chosen seemed appropriate.

1st March 2002 01:01 PM


OK. finally I get a chance to sit and do my very late trip reports. I have Sydney, Brisbane and Sydney again to catch up on.

Here goes... Sydney, continued....

To follow on my last report, I met up with Siegfried and DaveHill at the City Extra cafe for dinner on the 20th. We had a ball and DaveHill did not live up to his reputation as an asshole. He was in fact, a heap of fun and a really nice guy. Unfortunately he had to go on somewhere else after dinner so he left Siegfried and I to kick on and naturally, we headed to the pub.

During drinks at the pub, Siegfried convinced me to go see his sunny Queensland (I had been thinking of giving it a miss and heading home, due to personal issues) and the very next day the booking was made for the 22nd.

I spent the 21st wandering round Bondi and Bondi Junction. Cyber Cafe's galore there. Gayle and I drove back to Bondi later that evening so I could see the beach and the nightlife and we ended up having dinner at Fox Studios.

Fox Studios was a disappointment. There was little to see there other than shopping. The studios themselves are being filmed in now so most are closed to the public. Perhaps a day trip there would be better. *shrug* Who knows ?

Friday saw me packing and attempting to head out to the airport for Brisbane. Gayle had booked the Eastern Suburbs Airport Shuttle service to pick me up and I had to ring them to change the pickup point. The streets of Paddington are sooo narrow, you couldn't get a shuttle bus down them. I rescheduled pickup, confirmed time and finished packing.

Sure enough, the appointed time came and no Shuttle Bus.

So I rang them and was told it was on the way. I waited...still no shuttle bus. I rang again and was told it was 1 (that is one) minute away. Five minutes later, getting panicky I rang a Taxi.

Typical Sydney, none available due to a Bus strike. At this point I burst into tears. To have Brissie so near and yet, to lose it. I really wasn't capable of handling that.

The Taxi company came to the party, with a cab arriving 3 mins later and the cab driver went hell for leather to the airport, apologising all the way about the rough quick trip. I didn't care, I could have hugged him.

Got to the airport and there was no indication of where I should be to pick up my ticket. So I joined the closest queue, only to be told when I eventually managed to get someones attention and ask, that I was in the wrong one. So, over to another counter and another queue. 15 clerk. That sucked big time. I finally got to the front of the queue and was told my flight was closed.

I saw red. Poor girl at the counter... I pointed out my non-existant miserable trip at the hands of the Shuttle service, the fact that I was in a queue for ages before being directed to an unmarked desk, and that I then had to wait again while one girl serviced 15 counters.... I got on the flight.

Next up...Brisbane ...

1st March 2002 02:53 PM


I am in love with Brisbane. It is that simple.

I am ex Queenslander and the emotions I felt as I flew into Brisbane cannot be expressed here in any form that would make someone who has not experienced a 'homecoming' understand.

Usually, getting off a plane is no big deal for me. I never join the rush and bustle of the crowds, preferring to wait until the others have crushed themselves and pushed out before leaving my seat. This time however, I was front of the queue.

Of course, I had to wait until the doors opened and this seemed to take forever. Never one to be idle, I used the time wisely and started chatting to the lass standing with me.

Tahlia was staying in Brissie for the same duration of time as I was and was travelling alone. Not meeting anyone, just up for 4 days of fun. As I was to meet two single guys in Brissie, of a similar age to Tahlia, naturally, I invited her to join us for drinks and meet the guys.

Jokesta was waiting at the door to meet me and I easily recognized him from the pics I had. I introduced Tahlia, sent them off to the bar and went to meet NebKen, who was waiting at the car. Again, he was easy to recognize.

The guys were really easy to get along with and after dropping Tahlia at her hotel, we wandered off to do some city sightseeing and then to meet Usambara and Siegfried for drinks.

I know they will correct me if I am wrong, but I think the bar was called O'Malleys (?) and it was in the City centre. A really nice place, lots of nooks and crannies, heaps of boutique beers also, so everyone was nicely 'happy' by the time we left.

NebKen and Siegfried had parted company early, so Jokesta, Usambara and I wandered off to check out the nightlife. Finally ending up near the river with the rain pouring down. I love Brisbane. I love the warm weather and I love the rain that you can stand in and not freeze while you do so.

Neb came to our dripping rescue and he whipped back and picked us up, taking us to his place where we sat and drank and chatted until Usambara called it a night.

Jokesta, NebKen and I were still raring to do something and the night was too warm and stifling to sit in the unit, so we set out, around midnight to walk to Roma Park.

Neb's unit is right on the edge of the city, fabulous location, central to everything and it was only a short walk to reach the park. For those that live in Brisbane and for those that visit, Roma Park is a must see. I don't mean, pack your sunscreen and a hat and go look at the flowers, but wander down there about midnight. When the park is quiet and still and there are no others to interrupt you.

We wandered through the forest walk, which was utterly magical. There was a mist throughout that at times made it difficult to see each other and made our not so controlled voices loud and intrusive. NebKen was rather disappointed to discover that the mist was in fact, man made, but it did not detract from the beauty of the garden or the ethreal quality.

Do make sure however, that you are not the person walking in front through this area, as the spiders can get rather active with their home renovations.

At the beginning of the forest walk there is a little hut that we set out to examine. From a short distance, as you approach it, I saw only a little hut and a few furnishings but as I got up to it I was surprised to discover it was a sculpture. The entire thing was made of metal and was one piece, yet, without closer examination, the detail and intricacy of the sculpture would have you convinced it is the real thing. It is only a corner of a hut, with a table and chair inside, flowers on the table, a wick lamp. On the table is a doily, made of welding slag. I was absolutely amazed at the detail and the ability of the artisan. (I returned during the day to examine it further.)

The park is large and has many facets, ornamental gardens, playing areas, a lake, overhead walkways and water features abound throughout. Including a very large, very enticing waterfall.

Well, c'mon, what else would you do in a deserted park, in the middle of the night, in hot sultry Queensland ?

If I hadn't convinced the guys of my madness prior, I certainly did with my next step as I leapt into the waterfall, fully clothed, shoes and all and proceeded to allow myself to become drenched utterly. The bliss I was expressing about this wonderful cool water was clearly obvious as very soon I was joined by Jokesta, as NebKen watched on shaking his head and pouting.

I had had the forethought to hand all my water damageable possesions to Jokesta before leaping in. Alas, alack, he did not think that far ahead as he leapt in. For along with him came cigarettes, mobile phone, wallet and whatever other various possessions he held within his pockets.

The mobile phone is still dead and is not yet replaced.

Brisbane continued in a rather similar heady mad vein throughout. I spent 4 days there and wished then and still now that I had spent more time with the mad Queenslanders and this beautiful city.

We swam (yes, the fish swam) at Cedar Creek Falls, leaping from the rocks into the water. Played pool, (I beat NebKen ), visited friends, bought balloons, frequented bars and cafes and caught up with Tahlia. We ate Pizza at uni, saw my old haunts, went sightseeing up Mt Coot-Tha and investigated Southbank at 2am. I watched Jokesta leap into hedges and slide down mountains. I listened to NebKens running tourist commentary and enjoyed the novelty of being chauferred everywhere.

We never got to sleep until the wee hours of each morning and I had long conversations with NebKens flatmate Vanessa as I arose early and waited for the lazy heads to wake up.

On Tuesday morning, Jokesta and I (NebKen was too soundly asleep to wake) headed into the City at some ungodly hour to meet Gester, whereupon we headed to Maccas for Breakkie, Starbucks for coffee and the local amusement arcade to do those things that online gamers do when offline, play games.

Gester and Jokesta discovered the DDR game and they were off. I am not sure how many games/dances they partook of, but Gester came out a clear winner, although Jokesta appeared to enjoy it more. I, in between getting as much visual evidence as I could, was ROFL.

I left Brisbane almost as soon as I arrived and I think, of all my travels, this was the place that was hardest to leave.

Sadly, I did not get to meet Greystorm, Frootbat or Zanthor (Sethrann), however, that misfortune creates opportunity, as it gives me the perfect excuse to return.


I must express a special thanks to the person that made Brisbane possible for me. He knows who he is. I can't express enough just how good Brisbane was for me and I shudder to think that I nearly missed the opportunity to go there.
Thank you for making Brisbane possible.
*the biggest hugs I can muster up in words*

4th March 2002 06:44 AM


I arrived back in Sydney on the 26th. With no time to go out to my Cousins place, I headed for the Netcafe to kill a half hour before I had to meet Dean and MistressBec.

I was laden with my pack and grotty from travel. As I had come straight from Queensland, I was still suffering from the lack of sleep that didn't get had while I was up there. Any semblance of makeup had been cried and rubbed off in the plane and my eyes were puffy. But to attempt to travel out to Paddington, scrub up and then back to the city within a half hour would have been ludicrous. MistressBec, Dean and any other that joined us would have to take me as I am. Warts and all.

As it turned out, the EC N00bs were a no show yet again. Now, I know [MIA] are a formidable clan, but I am only one. Go figure. *insert shrug smilie here*

Dean, MB and I played a few rounds of pool and had a few drinks when MB had to call it a night. Luckily for me, she offered me a lift to Paddington. As I was drooping on my feet I happily accepted and we parted company with Dean and headed off.

Waulok picked us up and I got to see a snoozing MB baby. So sweet and so tired.

My cousin was out when I arrived, (she had gone to see 'America' in concert) and after showering I dropped straight into bed. Not even hearing her on her return.

I had to clear the pics from my camera, so on Wednesday I went back to the Web Lounge (mentioned earlier in this thread) and as wonderful as usual, they took care of it all for me. They hooked the camera up to one of their systems, uploaded, sent to me so I could name the pics and then they had to change each one individually to a jpeg so I could send them on to the master [MIA] pic handler. There were roughly 50 pics there and a fair amount of effort was expended by them. Yet, there were no gripes and the work ran smoothly. I meanwhile was ircing and browsing happily and in the end, the only charge was the standard rate for computer use.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Web Lounge on George Street. If you need a netcafe in Sydney, use them. You won't be disappointed.

On Thursday morning I set off for the City, backpack onboard. I had to stop at the Blackbird Cafe and I then had a train to catch.

As usual, Sydney had hiccups.

I was starting to think there was some sort of conspiracy to keep me there. When I tried to catch a plane out to Brisbane, the private bus company didn't pick me up and the Taxis were busy due to a public bus strike. This time, when I have to catch a train out to Goulburn, there is a funeral going through the streets of Sydney and the bus's are not permitted to enter the city. Therefore, I can't reach my train easily.

Luckily, I had worked out the logic of Sydney and had no desire to be stuck there. I set off 4 hours early for the train. This gave me ample time to walk into the city and still be able to visit the Blackbird Cafe, before catching my train.

I HAD to visit the Blackbird Cafe. I was under strict instruction from a friend in WA that the BLT there was the best in Australia and was told if I didn't go get one, don't bother coming home. (Like I would complain about not returning to WA? )

Blackbird Cafe is on Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour. Yes, the BLT is really really good (I won't mention here that I am not a BLT eater and wouldn't know better anyway). The staff were perky and friendly though and they enjoyed the novelty of having pics taken with BLT's and talking to 'wierd' West Australians on the phone, to confirm that i was in fact, at the correct cafe.

A JD and BLT later and I was on my way to the station and off to Goulburn.

I have decided I hate trains. Not the inner city burb trains, but the long tiring boring country trains. Anyone that likes long journeys by train has not got a life. I personally, have better things to do with my time.

How many paddocks and sheep and cows can you endure before gouging your own eyes out to alleviate the boredom ??

I spent only a day in Goulburn before packing again and heading over to Melbourne. Another of those long boring train trips. Thank goodness this was the last one.

Actually, it wasn't too bad. This time I had in train entertainment, in the form of the couple across the aisle from me.

This was the connecting train, Sydney to Melbourne and I joined it on Saturday at Goulburn. The couple across from me had boarded in Sydney and they had a good head start of 3 and a bit hours on the bar. I found out later, they were also well stoned.

During the course of my 8 hour journey from Goulburn to Melbourne, this couple broke up no less than 3 times. Loudly, angrily, theatrically and entertainingly. He would move seats, she would cry and stew, then follow him and beg. He would refuse... It went on and on. I concluded in the end this must be fairly normal behaviour for them. Very entertaining anyway. To them, thank you for making the boring trip less slow.

I had made no plans for my arrival in Melbourne, as I was getting in at 6.30/7pm and flying out to Perth via Virgin Blue at 7.10am the following morning. Leaving me with only slightly more than 12 hours to pass before heading for home. I figured I would slowly make my way out to the airport, taking in the various Grand Prix festivities on the way.

TonKa had other ideas and he met me at the train station, whereupon we dumped my pack in his boot and he squired me to the Motor Show. We spent a few hours wandering round the cars, alternately drooling and laughing, before crossing the road and checking out the Crown Casino.

I was impressed by the sheer size of the place. Less so by the tacky pokies and decor. We wandered from level to level and sampled the foods, before watching the show in the foyer and taking more pics.

We returned to the car via the river exit and saw the water show and the twit that dared to play in it, regardless of the temperature.

We arrived at Ch00ks at some godforsaken hour, (sorry Ch00k), whereupon TonKa left me in the Ch00kens' capable claws.

As it was late and I had to be up at 5am to head out to the airport, I opted not to sleep, instead, I irced happily as Ch00k managed to catch a few hours of snooze before we headed out to the airport.

Check my location, you will see I made it home. The plane left on time, I was on it.

4th March 2002 08:22 AM

smiley sue

wrasse - so when are you moving to brisbane???

4th March 2002 09:33 AM


Originally posted by smiley sue
wrasse - so when are you moving to brisbane???

after she lives in Melbourne for a few years

4th March 2002 11:33 AM


OK, well, now I am home, it is time to clean up the loose ends.

Firstly, the path I followed was this: Perth, Melbourne, Goulburn, Canberra, Goulburn, Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney, Goulburn, Melbourne, Perth.

I travelled via Train and Plane. Preferring the Plane travel as it is far quicker and therefore, less boring.

How did I get around:
Melbourne: Tram and train, Andrew (Mazda), the Ch00kens (Vectra) and Tayser (Echo), hired motorcycle
Goulburn: Shannon (Magna)
Sydney: Bus and train, Cousin (Honda)
Brisbane: Foot, Jokestas (Ford) usually with NebKen driving

The roofs over my head in each city consisted of:
Melbourne: Hotel Bakpak, Pakenham Caravan Park, Maximums place in Balaclava, Ch00ks place in Bentleigh and Spencer St Backpackers
Goulburn: Shannons
Sydney: My Cousins in Paddington.
Brisbane: NebKens place near the city.

Who did I meet? (In order of meeting, [MIA], AF and people of 'note' only):
Melbourne: tayser, Sirfunk, DWZ, Ch00k & MsCh00k, MaxImuM, impulse, TonKa, Demon, Fleur, Siegfried, SparkyZ0r, Mother DWZ
Goulburn: Shannon & Paul
Canberra: Aegan
Sydney: Gayle & Jillian (cousins), Dean, Smiley Sue, Siegfried, DaveHill (reverend), MistressBec, WauloK
Brisbane: Tahlia, Jokesta, NebKen, Siegfried, Usambara, Mother Greystorm, Gester

Who did I miss:
Melbourne: stat1c
Sydney: [EC]N00bs, mrpeabody, fimcneil, mayhem
Brisbane: Zanthor (Sethrann), Frootbat, Greystorm

Eating places of note include:
Melbourne: LaPorchetta, South Yarra (bad service, good food). Greasy Joes, St Kilda. Robert Burns Hotel. Noodle Box, anywhere
Sydney: City Extra Cafe, Circular Quay. Blackbird Cafe, Darling Harbour
Brisbane: Pizza, University Grounds, St Lucia

Internet Cafe's:
Melbourne: Dotcom Internet Cafe, 349 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Sydney: Web Lounge, George St, Sydney City

Must sees:
Melbourne: Shot Tower & the Daimaru Shopping Complex. Crown Casino. Upper Beaconsfield
Canberra: War Museum
Sydney: Powerhouse Museum. Ferry trip round the waters.
Brisbane: Roma Park. Southbank. Mt Coot-Tha

What to avoid:
Goulburn: Boredom
Sydney: Public transport

Memories and impressions of each City:
Melbourne: Overcast, cool weather, well laid out city and surrounding roads, friendly people, excellent public transport, grubby, motorbikes
Goulburn: Sunny, sleepy
Canberra: Sterile, pretty, clean
Sydney: Huge, crowded, balmy weather, complicated road layout, poor public transport, pretty harbours and bays, salt water, rain water, homeless people
Brisbane: Warmth, complicated road layout, green, friendly people, deserted

Fav Place: Brisbane
Least Fav Place: A seat in a train travelling over a long distance
Best Memory: Late Friday night in Brisbane
Worst Memory: Waiting in Sydney for the Shuttle Bus that never arrived
Funniest Memory: Jokesta jumping onto the 'grass' and ending up inside a hedge
Saddest Memory: Leaving Brisbane
Main travelling diet: Snack food & Bourban & Coke
Most useless piece of luggage: Laptop

Huge Thank Yous to:
tayser, for the wonderful detailed instructions, maps and enthusiasm
the Ch00kens, for the roof and Ch00k for his happiness to drive at will
Shannon, for being there for me always
Dean, for making Sydney bearable
Jokesta, for making Brisbane fun
Siegfried, for kicking my ass and making me see reason
And everyone else that went out of their way to meet me and make my stay in their appropriate cities, wonderful.

Kicks in the bum to:
Jokesta, NebKen and Ch00k, who made sure I got on the appropriate planes on time.

/end rant
/end holiday

4th March 2002 05:53 PM


Originally posted by Wrasse
Siegfried, for kicking my ass and making me see reason

Anytime. And, being an obliging and helpful sort of bloke, I would be happy to kick you in the ass at any time without imposing the added burden of actually making you see reason

4th March 2002 07:51 PM


Your story is an inspiration Wrasse.. I feel like I wanna go travelling

4th March 2002 07:56 PM


Originally posted by Fradam
Your story is an inspiration Wrasse.. I feel like I wanna go travelling

If you feel it, do it.

4th March 2002 08:56 PM


it was a great adventure and a great read.

I am just glad I was able to be a tiny part of it

So there you have it.

Don't be deceived into thinking this is the end though. The adventure is far from over.

I am in the process of selling my home in Perth and as soon as that is all over and done with, the travels start again.

I am going back to Brisbane. Via Melbourne, Goulburn, Sydney all over again.

This time I will be stopping in to have dinner with DWZnd I hope to meet up with old friends as well as see some I didn't get a chance to before.

So take cover, reinforce the doors and turn off the lights, lest I drop in on you.